Cruise Tips: What’s included and Not included in your ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE FARE!

For one set fare, a cruise vacation enables travellers to see multiple destinations while enjoying most of the onboard amenities. Although, what’s included in each cruise line’s standard price can fluctuate.   As frequent cruisers with Royal Caribbean, we know exactly what’s part of the cruise fare plus what isn’t covered. Today, we put together […]

Things That People Do On Cruises That Make ZERO Sense!

From spending far too much money to joining lines you don’t really have to. Let us tell you some of the things people do on a cruise that makes zero sense. Number 1: Queuing at guest services Especially for a bill to see how much you’ve spent. In most cruise lines, you can do this on […]

Breaking News: CDC Out In Florida. Cruise Lines Can Set Their Own Rules

It’s a new day for cruising in Florida and the CDC, they’re out of here! Cruise lines in Florida will be able to self-regulate, and the CDC can’t do anything about it. Wow! Let’s talk about that.   The big cruise news is that the federal judge in Florida has denied the CDC’s appeal to […]

Possible Changes You Have to Consider In Planning Your Next Disney Cruise

Cruise lines are starting to get the green light to resume sailings again and more ships are returning to U.S. ports. It’s only a matter of time before Disney Cruise Line sets sail. But what’s going to be different when you get aboard? Disney cruise line is the last holdout in Disney’s reopenings but with […]

Ways To Cut Your Cabin Cost Without Downgrading

On every cruise ship, there are some cabins that you can book for a reduced price but the cruise lines rarely advertise them. Today, I’m going to tell you everything you need to look out for when booking a cabin so that you can get the best cabin on your budget. 1. Book obstructed ocean […]

News Update: Royal Caribbean Cruise To Restart in U.S.!

We just got some exciting huge cruise restart news the other day! Royal Caribbean revealed its return to service plans for sailings from the United States. In this announcement, the Royal Caribbean revealed itineraries for six ships that will begin sailing from Florida and Texas as early as July 2nd.   In fact, by the […]

Common Cruise Booking Mistakes That Can Affect Your Trip

I want to share with you the really common and big mistakes that people make when booking a cruise. 1. Missing the best prices Missing the best prices that are out there is a mistake that is common for many. And in order to do fight this, the most important thing of all is timing. […]

Why Cruises Are Expensive Now? How Can You Get A Cheaper Price?

You may have noticed that the return to cruising in summer 2021 so far looks to be very expensive with prices sometimes double what they would normally be. We give you the reasons why they are so expensive and still let you know how you can grab a great bargain.   So yeah! Cruise is now back. There are […]

Take Note: Changes In Cruising This 2021

Because of the whole covered pandemic, cruising will change until at least everyone is vaccinated and the virus is under control. Now we know much more about what will change. We’ve put together the 10 major changes to cruising in 2021 that you need to know.  1. Boarding So number one is boarding. In the […]