Exciting New Cruise Ship Itineraries for 2018

Craving to sail the world and be served with spectacular scenery and superb cruise ship experience? Plan your biggest getaway this year as we share some exciting new itineraries that you can try out for your next adventure.   Here are 4 cruise ships which can bring you to different parts of the world you […]


I have just returned from a 10-day cruise to north of Sydney stopping at Airlie Beach, Cairns, Port Douglas, Willis Island, Brisbane and then back to Sydney on the newly re-furbished Pacific Explorer previously call Dawn Princess.   I was never on the Dawn Princess but was told the colours were dark and dingy and […]

Simple Ways to Beat Sea Sickness on a Cruise

With sea sickness sometimes a few things that you can do to help prevent sea sickness before it starts, many people can talk themselves into feeling ill in the first place but I want to say due to the large ships today that the stabilizers that they have even the roughest seas you will not […]

Drink Heaps of Water on Cruise For Singles

Without sounding like an old fuddy duddy you really need to look at the fluids that you are taking in when you are on your cruise. And no the mudslide cocktail and or the beer are not going to hydrate you one bit.   When its holiday time you will be doing strange things one […]

Cruises for Singles – Girl to Girl Advice

There is a lot to get excited about going on cruises for singles whether you are going it alone so so empowering to do what you want and when you want to do it to the girl doing a little bit of healing from a broken relationship and just want to chill out a bit […]

Single Cruise – What You Need To Know

I have done a number of cruises and they are a whole lot of fun, I have done them on my own and with family and friends so I feel I am qualified enough to talk about them to you.   Recently did sample cruise with a friend and I loved it. Its all in […]

Going on a Thelma & Louise Carnival Spirit Get – Away!

Something made my eye wander over an ad I saw on Carnival Spirit Cruise you see what my friend and I were going to do is to go up to Sydney to celebrate a milestone birthday we live 3 hours away in the nations capital and were going to spend the weekend in a hotel, […]

Things to do from your stateroom balcony

Just a footstep outside your cabin is a “members only” tiny retreat. The private balcony ranges from 35 to 1,000 square feet of space. Ship balconies uses to be used to be just for the elite, but due to the demand and public outcry, ships are being built with more balconies and they are available […]

Cruising with Diabetes

The delicious treats found on a cruise ship can be a nightmare for diabetics, but the good news is that cruise lines are getting the message from concerned cruisers and targeting a clientele that prefer and require a healthier eating choice. Many menu items now have less than 30% fat.   Carnival Cruises offer a […]

Stay healthy and well during your cruise vacation

It is possible to become ill on vacation and nobody wants that, so below we have outlines a few easy tips on how to stay healthy during your cruise vacation. Of course, sometimes illness are unavoidable, but the risk can be reduced by staying hydrated, easing feelings of seasickness, jet lag and hangovers, so you […]