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New Cruise Ships expected in 2015

New Cruise Ships expected in 2015 – are you as excited as me when I hear about a new cruise ships coming to town. Its

Allure of the Seas – May 2015

The Allure of the Seas is a cruise ship by Royal Caribbean and it hold 6,296 passengers as well as 2,384 members of the crew.

Best Ships for Cruisers with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities, who wish to take a cruise, think about things that other cruisers may never consider. Even though all cruise ships should be

Riverboat Cruising

Cruising on a riverboat is certainly a wonderful experience, and yet it remains a mystery to many people.   Today, we will provide you with

Christmas Cruise: for Solo Travellers

Searching for the Best Christmas Cruise for solo travelers sounds interesting concept but not one that I thought would attract singles but it is hard