Cruise Dining Changes And Food Options Cutbacks Going Too Far?

Have some recent changes and cutbacks just gone too far? It seems like when you change some of the popular food options on cruises, then it’s a yes. I think that we’d all agree that when it comes to cruise vacations, cruise food is an important part of it. Well, there’s been a bit of […]

Cruise News: Carnival Cruise Lines On Canada’s New Cruise Mandates for 2022

A very popular and well-known Carnival Cruise Line ambassador coming out with some strong words to Canada specifically regarding their summer 2022 Alaska season. And this is all coming out at the same time that Alaska is actually releasing their protocols. What ships have to do in order to sail there. Moving right into our […]

Cruise News: State of Florida vs CDC And Updates of Cruise Lines Suspensions

There have been several new developments as the State of Florida fights for cruises to re-open and the cruise industry continues its calls for CDC to lift the conditional sailing order. In addition to all that drama there have been so many cruise news updates with extended suspensions from Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Virgin […]