Breaking News: CDC Out In Florida. Cruise Lines Can Set Their Own Rules

It’s a new day for cruising in Florida and the CDC, they’re out of here! Cruise lines in Florida will be able to self-regulate, and the CDC can’t do anything about it. Wow! Let’s talk about that.   The big cruise news is that the federal judge in Florida has denied the CDC’s appeal to […]

News Update: Royal Caribbean Cruise To Restart in U.S.!

We just got some exciting huge cruise restart news the other day! Royal Caribbean revealed its return to service plans for sailings from the United States. In this announcement, the Royal Caribbean revealed itineraries for six ships that will begin sailing from Florida and Texas as early as July 2nd.   In fact, by the […]

Cruise News: State of Florida vs CDC And Updates of Cruise Lines Suspensions

There have been several new developments as the State of Florida fights for cruises to re-open and the cruise industry continues its calls for CDC to lift the conditional sailing order. In addition to all that drama there have been so many cruise news updates with extended suspensions from Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Virgin […]