Going on a cruise is magical when you go on the right cruise with a good circle of friends OR going it on your own is all about picking the right time.   If you are a family and you need to travel in school holidays NOW is the time to go. Here you will […]

Drink Heaps of Water on Cruise For Singles

Without sounding like an old fuddy duddy you really need to look at the fluids that you are taking in when you are on your cruise. And no the mudslide cocktail and or the beer are not going to hydrate you one bit.   When its holiday time you will be doing strange things one […]

Allure of the Seas – May 2015

The Allure of the Seas is a cruise ship by Royal Caribbean and it hold 6,296 passengers as well as 2,384 members of the crew.   Starting in May of 2015, this majestic ship will be sailing from Barcelona Spain to major ports in Italy, France and Majorca.   This cruising experience is perfect for […]

Santa Cruise for Solo Traveller

Santa Cruise for Solo Traveller is not all about brooding at home and watching re-runs of movies that you have seen at least half a dozen times before. It is not all about staying in bed and sleeping through Christmas day, it is all about getting out and seeing places that you have only dreamed […]

Christmas Cruise: for Solo Travellers

Searching for the Best Christmas Cruise for solo travelers sounds interesting concept but not one that I thought would attract singles but it is hard to know. For myself I associate Christmas cruises to be filled with families and kids and noise and I couldn’t see what the attraction would be to go on such […]

Hawaii Cruises

My mind wanders to balmy nights palm trees swaying and cocktails in hand watching the sun go down. I know cruises to Hawaii offers a lot more but that picture to me is pure paradise and it is what would tempt me to take a well earned holiday on board a ship filled with fun […]

Discount Travel Deals to Caribbean

There is not one person that I know that doesn’t love a bargain, and at this time of year when there are signs up offering different types of discount to far away places there is no sign that gets me excited as Caribbean Travel Deals. All I can think of is party times with lots […]

Under 40 Singles Cruises

At last there has come a time when you can really pick a cruise that you have an interest in. For me it was to find Singles Cruises for under 40. A cruise that I knew that there are not going to be hundreds of kids but a cruise that more or less for adults. […]

Single Cruises Under 40

It’s a good thing to take a cruise with someone in your own age or interest group, so booking one of those single cruises under 40 may have been included in your vacation planning. Cruises are hot right now and single cruises are all the rage as well. In fact, the average age for cruise […]