Take A Look Onboard The Royal Caribbean Cruise Now

In Singapore, ship of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas is sailing. If you are sick of hearing about it and what it will be like, well, come onboard the ship and see for yourself what cruising is like right now. 1. Boarding time Before you arrive at the port, you can pick your boarding […]

Things That People Do On Cruises That Make ZERO Sense!

From spending far too much money to joining lines you don’t really have to. Let us tell you some of the things people do on a cruise that makes zero sense. Number 1: Queuing at guest services Especially for a bill to see how much you’ve spent. In most cruise lines, you can do this on […]

Take Note: Changes In Cruising This 2021

Because of the whole covered pandemic, cruising will change until at least everyone is vaccinated and the virus is under control. Now we know much more about what will change. We’ve put together the 10 major changes to cruising in 2021 that you need to know.  1. Boarding So number one is boarding. In the […]