Cruise Dining Changes And Food Options Cutbacks Going Too Far?

Have some recent changes and cutbacks just gone too far? It seems like when you change some of the popular food options on cruises, then it’s a yes. I think that we’d all agree that when it comes to cruise vacations, cruise food is an important part of it. Well, there’s been a bit of […]

5 UNUSUAL Things That Make Cruise Vacations Different From Others

Is cruising really that different than other types of vacations? Absolutely! I’m going to share with you five things that happen only on cruise ships.  Cruises are really different from theme parks, land vacations, and resorts. Here are five things that happen only on cruise ships. 1. All cruise ships have Godmothers So, the first […]

The Must-See Ports In The Mediterranean

I was helping my friend plan her first Mediterranean cruise recently. She said she wanted a cruise that went to the best ports and avoided the worst. I told she’d set me an impossible task as the best ports in the Mediterranean are also the worst.   Here’s why and what those ports are. As I explained […]

Cruises That May Offer You “Last Minute” Deals Right Now

There’re no question cruise lines definitely faced some challenges even up to date which means there are some great last-minute deals to be had for you. Now, you almost have to feel bad for the cruise lines. Everything is going up in price and yet cruises are still such a good value. And if anything, […]

Cruise News: CDC Currently Re-evaluating Testing In Cruise Ships

We could be in for some huge cruise news and it could be coming sooner than we thought. So, right now to get on a cruise ship, the average cruise ship, you need to, if you’re fully vaccinated, you need to be tested two days ahead of the cruise.   That’s pretty much standard across […]

4 Activities That Seniors Can Enjoy In Cruise Ships

Increasing in age does not mean what it used to mean in the past. In many cases, the popular stereotype of senior citizens relaxing in a nursing home is thrown right out the window. As medical developments have helped to increase life expectancy, more and more senior citizens are making the decision to get out […]

Why Cruise Lines Are Not Dropping Their Vaccine Requirements Any Time Soon

Perhaps the most commonly asked question about cruises over the last year or so, is if or when the cruise lines will drop their vaccine mandates. Today, I wanted to talk about a topic that a lot of people have been asking about, and the answer has been always the same. We don’t know. But […]

Cruise News: Cruise Lines Lack of Communication For Positive Cases?

It should not be shocking to anyone that there are people testing positive for the virus on cruise ships. There’re cases on cruise ships. I don’t think that’s a surprise. And currently in 92 cruise ships operating in U.S. waters, 76 of those cruise ships have reported cases on board and 53 of those cruise […]