Common Cruise Booking Mistakes That Can Affect Your Trip

I want to share with you the really common and big mistakes that people make when booking a cruise. 1. Missing the best prices Missing the best prices that are out there is a mistake that is common for many. And in order to do fight this, the most important thing of all is timing. […]

Why Cruises Are Expensive Now? How Can You Get A Cheaper Price?

You may have noticed that the return to cruising in summer 2021 so far looks to be very expensive with prices sometimes double what they would normally be. We give you the reasons why they are so expensive and still let you know how you can grab a great bargain. So yeah! Cruise is now back. There are loads […]

Take Note: Changes In Cruising This 2021

Because of the whole covered pandemic, cruising will change until at least everyone is vaccinated and the virus is under control. Now we know much more about what will change. We’ve put together the 10 major changes to cruising in 2021 that you need to know.  1. Boarding So number one is boarding. In the […]


Going on a cruise is magical when you go on the right cruise with a good circle of friends OR going it on your own is all about picking the right time.   If you are a family and you need to travel in school holidays NOW is the time to go. Here you will […]


I have just returned from a 10-day cruise to north of Sydney stopping at Airlie Beach, Cairns, Port Douglas, Willis Island, Brisbane and then back to Sydney on the newly re-furbished Pacific Explorer previously call Dawn Princess.   I was never on the Dawn Princess but was told the colours were dark and dingy and […]

Simple Ways to Beat Sea Sickness on a Cruise

With sea sickness sometimes a few things that you can do to help prevent sea sickness before it starts, many people can talk themselves into feeling ill in the first place but I want to say due to the large ships today that the stabilizers that they have even the roughest seas you will not […]

Single Cruise – What You Need To Know

I have done a number of cruises and they are a whole lot of fun, I have done them on my own and with family and friends so I feel I am qualified enough to talk about them to you.   Recently did sample cruise with a friend and I loved it. Its all in […]

Under 40 Singles Cruises

At last there has come a time when you can really pick a cruise that you have an interest in. For me it was to find Singles Cruises for under 40. A cruise that I knew that there are not going to be hundreds of kids but a cruise that more or less for adults. […]

Single Cruises Under 40

It’s a good thing to take a cruise with someone in your own age or interest group, so booking one of those single cruises under 40 may have been included in your vacation planning. Cruises are hot right now and single cruises are all the rage as well. In fact, the average age for cruise […]