5 Quick Tips To Get A Fun, Stress-free Embarkation Day

We are going to be doing a little series of quick tips here for you and today’s quick tip is all about embarkation day. In fact, we’re sharing with you five ways to have your best embarkation day ever. This is not an exhaustive list because today we want to keep it quick and just […]

Travel Gadgets to Bring in Your Cruise Trips

Can travel items actually change the way you cruise for the batter? I think so. I’m going to share with you 12 high-tech and low-tech travel gadgets that you are going to want to bring on your cruise.   These tech gadgets and some travel items are absolutely brilliant even if you’re not super into tech. […]

5 UNUSUAL Things That Make Cruise Vacations Different From Others

Is cruising really that different than other types of vacations? Absolutely! I’m going to share with you five things that happen only on cruise ships.  Cruises are really different from theme parks, land vacations, and resorts. Here are five things that happen only on cruise ships. 1. All cruise ships have Godmothers So, the first […]

Understanding Gratuities and Should You Prepay It On A Cruise

Not sure whether you should prepay your gratuities before your cruise or wait until you’re on the ship? It’s a common question. Paying early offers some benefits. But it also means more money out of your pocket. At the same time, it can seem strange to pay gratuities before you’ve actually received service. My opinion, […]

Practical Reasons YOU SHOULD Try Other Cruise Lines Too!

Being loyal to one cruise line is often touted as a great way to save money and even to get extra perks and that definitely can be true. However, there are some downsides and one of them is probably not what you think. You know how it goes, you book a cruise, you absolutely love […]

Royal Caribbean Cruise: Save Your Time And Enjoy Your Cruise To The Fullest

Your time is super important, so don’t waste it on other things while you’re on a cruise. I’ve got 10 tips to save you time on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Here we go. The saying “time is money” applies to business as well as your cruise vacation. Every minute you save now is extra time […]

The Must-See Ports In The Mediterranean

I was helping my friend plan her first Mediterranean cruise recently. She said she wanted a cruise that went to the best ports and avoided the worst. I told she’d set me an impossible task as the best ports in the Mediterranean are also the worst.   Here’s why and what those ports are. As I explained […]

Cruise Tips: What You Need To Know On Bermuda Cruise This 2022

Are you going to Bermuda cruise and wondering what to expect? How different is it from a Caribbean cruise? What are the things that you absolutely need to know? Look no more cause, I’ve got all of it here for you. If you’re going on a Bermuda Cruise, you might be wondering about what are […]

Cruises That May Offer You “Last Minute” Deals Right Now

There’re no question cruise lines definitely faced some challenges even up to date which means there are some great last-minute deals to be had for you. Now, you almost have to feel bad for the cruise lines. Everything is going up in price and yet cruises are still such a good value. And if anything, […]